A rail/road vehicle, battery electric powered, designed for indoor factories, railways workshops and storehouses.

Its great flexibility, the compact dimensions and the reduced curve radius make the CRAB suitable to move railway rolling stock.

CRAB 2100 E at PT. KAI Commuter Jabodetabek

The CRAB is a safe and cheap vehicle thanks to its versatility and to the different optional with which it could be equipped, like adjustable hooks, and remote control.

Crab 500 E

Crab 1500 E

Crab 2100 E

Crab 3100 E

More videos:

Great video presentation from Zephir’s partner Wichary Technologies in Poland.

Technical Data Sheet

ModelDrawbar PullHitch-bar Pull

CRAB 500 E 100 Tn 5 KN
CRAB 1500 E 300 Tn 15 KN
CRAB 2100 E 520 Tn 26 KN
CRAB 3100 E 730 Tn 36 KN
CRAB 5000 E 1000 Tn 50 KN


ZEPHIR K 2.3 remote control
Interlock remote control
Ground operator remote control
Heating system
Air conditioning system
Hydraulic slide + U.I.C. hook
ZEPHIR automatic hook
AAR hook
Prearrangement for hook supplied by the customer
Pneumatic braking system with a compressor delivering 280 liters per minute
Resistance device between rail wheels and axle
Customized painting

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