KUBO is a shunting locomotive specially designed for use in railway workshops and depots.

It features flexibility, low capital & running costs, safe operation, zero gas emissions and a very low noise level.

KUBO can be customised to individual requirements with the many available.

With battery power the KUBO offers high shunting performance with zero workshop emissions.  The on board charger means that the KUBO can be charged from a suitable standard power outlet and does not require a dedicated charging point in the depot.

The KUBO features a radio control as standard and is normally used for moving trains over equipment like wheel lathes or bogie drops.  Full interlocks can be provided to link with the lathe / drop control system to ensure safe operation.

Special Edition

KUBO 3500 DS

Technical Data Sheet

Model Drawbar Pull Hitch-bar Pull
KUBO 1200 E 240 Tn 12 KN
KUBO 2500 E 500 Tn 25 KN
KUBO 3500 E 700 Tn 35 KN
KUBO 5500 E 1100 Tn 55 KN
KUBO 10000 E 2000 Tn 100 KN


Hydraulic slide + U.I.C hook
ZEPHIR automatic hook
AAR hook
Pneumatic braking system with a compressor delivering 280 liters per minute
Interlock remote control
Resistance device between rail wheels and axle
30 kW second engine for KUBO 10,000 and KUBO 5,500
Second battery and battery charger for KUBO 10,000 and KUBO 5,500
Customized painting

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