Lok E

Model 7.90 E / 1090 E / 13.90 E

Zephir is pleased to present on the market LOK E, rail – road vehicle equipped with electrical motor.

Progression of LOK range, the LOK E has two 30 kW electrical motors (instead of diesel engine, one for each axle, 1000 Ah, 80 V battery powered.

This vehicle could be on and off – tracked from railways and it can cross tracks to perform cross terminal movements quickly and efficiently at a smaller costs than the LOK range.LOK E range enhances the environmental role in Zephir strategies, that is more and more engaged in designing non – polluting vehicle.


More videos:


Resistance device between rail wheels and axle
CB – Radio
Double hoses
Air conditioning system
Zephir automatic hook
AAR hook small type
AAR hook with shock absorber
Hydraulic slide + U.I.C. hook
Prearrangement for hook supplied by the customer
Second driver seat 180° turned
Pneumatic driver seat
Steering system on the 4 wheels
ZEPHIR K 2.3 remote control
“THEIMEG” TECH/LO remote control according to EN50239
Ground operator remote control
RC Interlock kit
Pneumatic braking system :

760 liters per minute air capacity ;

1.540 liters per minute air capacity

Additional 1000 Ah Battery + battery charger
Sanding system
Rescue Kit:

RUD lifting eyes

N. 2 emergency screws for rail boogie positioning

Special flexible hose for emergency pneumatic connection

Customized painting

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