The “LOKOM” are light locotractors designed for railway use only.
Thanks to the rail traction system on steel wheels, they are able to effect standard works.

For low speed tows, Zephir uses RUBBER – STEEL technology in which it is experienced since 30 years.

These vehicles are cheap and able to replace Diesel hydraulic locomotives up to a weight of 40 tons, working in the industrial installation.



Resistance device between rail wheels and axle
CB – Radio
Double hoses
Air conditioning system
Zephir automatic hook
AAR hook small type
AAR hook with shock absorber
Prearrangement for hook supplied by the customer
Second driver seat 180° turned
Pneumatic driver seat
Steering system on the 4 wheels
ZEPHIR K 2.2 remote control
“THEIMEG” TECH/LO remote control according to EN50239
Ground operator remote control
RC Interlock kit

83 kW engine ;

129 kW engine ;

176 kW engine ;

220 kW engine.

ZEPHIR Black Box comprehensive of :

2 driver’s electronic key

Download electronic key

Software license

Comfort pack :

Pneumatic heated driver seat

Speed cruise control

Triple speed limiter with extractable key control

Arctic Pack:

Heated driver seat

Kit special oils

Hydraulic oil heatingl

Engine heating

Battery charger

Pneumatic braking system with rail tank EN 286/3:

1.540 liters per minute air capacity ;

2.200 liters screw compressor

Rescue Kit:

RUD lifting eyes

N. 2 emergency screws for rail boogie positioning

Special flexible hose for emergency pneumatic connection

Hydraulic engine cover lifting system
Sanding system
Multiunit system
Customized painting

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